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Little Birdie Wooden Mini Easel Stand 20X16.5cm- 20X16.5cm

by Little Birdie
SKU 688929
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Enhance your art display with the Little Birdie Wooden Mini Easel Stand. This 20cm X 16.5cm stand is perfect for showcasing smaller paintings and adding a touch of elegance to your collection: Superb for Smaller Paintings: Mini Display Easels provide an excellent way to showcase your smaller paintings with style and sophistication. Ideal for Collection and Gifting: Whether it's for your personal art collection or as a thoughtful gift, these mini easels are perfect for both purposes. Portable, Lightweight, and Durable: Crafted from wood, these easel stands are portable, lightweight, and durable, making them convenient for display and transportation. Charming and Cute: The mini easel stand's design adds a touch of cuteness and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your artwork.

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