Pouring Medium 240ml Little Birdie


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Product Dimension(L X W X H): 115X160X5X285mm
Product Weight: 0.285 kg
Product Cubic: 0.0184

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Little Birdie pouring medium makes acrylic paints flow more smoothly and improves their consistency. Improves the overall integrity of paints and allows them to dry without cracking, separating, fading or holding bubbles. Extends volume of paint while maintaining the strength of the acrylic formula. It acts both as diluting agent and binder. Pour over various surfaces like journal pages, wood panels, MDF, canvas and other art surfaces. Does not alter the colour, slow down drying time or reduce the adhesion of paint. Ideal for wet-in-wet technique and for creating colourful marbled surfaces which retain a glossy and wet appearance when dry.