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Hello everyone,

Wioletta here! Welcome to Little Birdie Craft’s blog and my first DT post as a DT member. I am very happy that I can inspire you with my work in which I will use a lot of Little Birdie products.

Today I would like to show you a greeting card.

Let’s see the process now.

Cut a paper of your choice to the size that suits your base.

Choose a stencil that you like. I chose this one from Little Birdie. Applied some Sparkle Paste- Ginger Ale through the stencil. You can use the medium of your choice for the stencil work.

When the Sparkle Pate dried, I gave the paper an aged look by tearing the edges with scissors.

Then I took my selected Little Birdie prime chipboard shapes and painted them with metallic paint. I left them to to dry thoroughly.

Select your choice of pattern paper and cut it to size to suit your base.

Next, I stuck foam adhesives on the read side and glued the paper to the base. I also stuck the painted chipboard shapes at the the edge of the pattern paper.

Thereafter, I glued some gauze and sisal fiber at the chosen place. Added flowers to my composition as I pleased. You can try different layouts to suit your imagination.

To give my composition and the flowers a richer look, I added some small die-cut leaves.  Using a small brush, I applied some gel medium on the protruding sisal and gauze and sprinkled some Mixed Media stones which are tiny pebbles.

  At the end, I add the lettering and decorated the edges with pearls.
 Take a closer look to see the details……..

I hope you liked it and will give it a try!

Till next time

Happy Crafting


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