Dream of Roses – Mixed Media Canvas Tutorial


Nuneka here with a Mixed Media canvas today. Since this is my first project as new member of the Little Birdie Crafts family, I wanted to do something special with which I could express how happy I feel. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s get started with the tutorial.


I chose the 12″x12″ Burlap Art Board for this project, which is a DM board perfectly covered with burlap providing a consistent base for any project you want to make. The burlap has its own texture which is really interesting and will make your project different. I started by making two holes on the upper end and placing eyelets so I could hang the piece later. I needed to think where I wanted my focal point and the other elements, so I drew some guiding lines with a soft pencil. Then I took the Mixed Media Paste – 2 in 1 (white) and covered the marked areas with a big brush (you don’t need to be very precise in this step).

TRICK: As the burlap has a lot of texture, take a bowl and mix a bit of your Mixed Media Paste 2 in 1 with some water, this way it will be easier to apply on textured surfaces like this.


After drying with the heat gun, I used the Stone Wall Stencil and applied Grainy Texture Paste with a spatula to create a beautiful pattern in the same areas. The Grainy Texture paste is really easy to apply cause the consistency is thick enough to have control on what you’re doing, and when it dries the texture is sandy.

TRICK: You can apply the paste through the stencil, move the stencil away, dry that area with the heat gun, and come back placing the stencil near; this way your fresh paste won’t get ruined by superposition.


It was time to add some colors. For me it is important to find some balance between the background and the main elements, as in this case I wanted to use dark roses, I needed my background to be soft. I used mica powders, but watercolors or sprays or any other fluid ink or paint will work perfect too. Once I was happy with the colors,  I dried the whole art board really well and even let it air dry during some hours to make sure the colors were fixed.

TRICK: It is very important to dry well BEFORE this step, cause you need to spray a lot of water to make the colors move over the surface and get in the places you want.  


Meanwhile I prepared some of the main elements of the composition. I covered some metal pieces with the Mixed Media Paste 2 in 1, dried and prepared my paints. I took the Tinted Metallic Paint – Silver Oak and put a little amount on a palette to mix it with few drops of Color Splash – Ocean Mist, this way I get a beautiful metallic soft blue. I also mixed the Tinted Metallic Paint with few drops of Color Splash Berry Blast + Ocean Mist to get an awesome lilac tone. I can’t say enough how much I adore this Tinted Metallic Paint: it is a MUST HAVE, it’s texture and consistency is just perfect making it very easy to apply and once dry, it gives off an incredible brightness and light. As one of the pieces was an empty pocket watch, I used Acrylic Soft Gel Medium Matte and Crystal Drops to fill it and create a wonderful inside. I let it dry and started painting the pieces, using a water spray (just a little) to make the colours move and mix.

TRICK: When mixing your colors, use a dropper or pipette, and mix well until the resultant color is uniform, you can always add more drops if you need it darker, but it is tough to go from dark to light. 


I dried everything well and made a little stamping before I started adding the elements to the board. I used Sisal Fibre Natural to make a “bed” for the winged pocket watch and for the Round Frame Chipboard I placed on the lower end. As there are three areas where I wanted to put the flowers, I played a bit with them until I found the balance and composition with which I was happy. For this project I chose Little Birdie Flowers – Rosalind Mulberry. I’m not a “roses” girl… but since the first moment I saw these, I couldn’t take my eyes off them. The 21 pieces package has all sizes and two colours, plus some leaves and swirls, all of them are so well done that they really look like natural roses. When all the roses were on their places, I also added two Twirl Tune Chipboards to the composition. These Little Birdie primed chippies are so pretty that they don’t really need any alteration or decoration, even though their surface is already prepared to add your favorite paints on it. I glued all the pieces.

TRICK: Play with your elements until you are happy with the composition, then you can take a photo (to remember their places) and glue them… and if you are unsure, it is better to use gel medium or any other re-positionable glue. It is also better to use gel medium or any good glue for heavy or metallic elements, because if you use hot glue, they will probably fall.


Last step was to add any other decorative elements and make all come together. I really wanted to integrate the roses on the canvas, so I used a dry brush and applied some little gesso on top. I dried with the heat gun and used the Silver Oak Tinted Metallic Paint to give little touches to the flowers too, this is very helpful to enhance all the details of the flowers that otherwise would be unnoticed. I also made some splatters with the paint and finally I placed a chain through the holes and glued some tiny butterflies.

TRICK: Use your hand or a paper towel to take off the gesso or paint excess, it is always better to go twice over a surface than to add too much.

I would like you  to see how beautiful these Rosalind Mulberry roses are and how they really got integrated in the whole creation when I highlighted the details with the Tinted Metallic Paint.

Also the Primed Chipboards has this natural look that matches perfectly on any project.

You can see how cute the Little Birdie Crystal Drops are, perfect for a special touch.

In this close-up you can see how shinny and luminous the Tinted Metallic Paint is and how well it mixed with the Color Splash sprays, giving me these soft blue and lilac colors.


I’ve prepared a video tutorial so you don’t miss any step!

These are the Little Birdie products I’ve used in this project:

I really hope you’ve enjoyed the project.
See you very soon! xoxo

Make a Wish – An Altered Hoop Step by Step Tutorial


Hello Friends,  It’s Bela Shah here, and I’m super happy and excited to be sharing my very first Little Birdie Crafts Design Team Project with you today!

I have always loved doing altered projects and altering a hoop was on my mind since a long time and when I saw Little Birdie flowers in my DT kit, I thought this would be the perfect project to share with you all.


For this altered project, I took three different sized hoop rings and applied gesso on all to prime them. I added Little Birdie Fiber paste for the texture to add interest to otherwise a plain hoop. Sprayed it with Hot Pink color splash. I simply adore the Little Birdie sprays.

After that I traced the ring and cut 300 GSM cardstock for all the three rings as per their size and distressed the edges with brown distress oxide and  adhered it on the loop from back.

I also cut three circles from three different pattern paper from the 12″x 12 ” Watercolor Floral Ballet Paper Pack and distressed the edges with scissors and added brown distress oxides to the edges. To give it more dimension I sprayed some water on the edges and curled them on all three of them.

This is how your ring will look after the process. I chose a beautiful picture of a baby girl in 2 different poses as my focal point. I adhered it on a photo mat and distressed the edges . To give a beautiful shabby chic style I used laces from my stash and colored Little Biride Cheese Cloth with Lime Splash Color Spray for extra texture and added them behind the photo for big and medium sized rings.

After all the three hoops were ready, I adhered them using silicon glue, one below the center hoop and the smallest above it. Now it was time to embellish the project with beautiful flowers. I used Margerry Pearl Pink box flowers to enhance mine , added some foliage around and to add more to the shabby chic look I used tissue ribbons in white color behind the flowers.

Now it was time to add sentiment to the project. I used “Make a Wish” chipboard from on the Birthday Wish and splashed it with hot pink color splash directly as these chipboards are already primed and added it on the smallest ring.

You can use this Beautiful shabby chic altered hoop as a Home Décor or gift it to someone and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

I absolutely enjoyed making this one and I have shared easy step by step procedure . I hope this post is creatively inspiring for you all .

Thank you for joining me .

Love & Hugs,


Supplies from Little Birdie Crafts:


Butterfly Birthday Mixed Media Card Tutorial

Hello, Friends!  It’s Kathy Clement here, and I’m just thrilled to be sharing my very first Little Birdie Crafts Design Team Project with you today!  Since everyone I know has a birthday, I thought this Butterfly Birthday Mixed Media Card Tutorial would be a useful and fun way to kick things off.

Butterfly Birthday Mixed Media Card True Love Story by Kathy Clement Prodcut by Little Birdie Crafts Photo 01

There’s no need to be intimidated by Mixed Media!  It’s such a fun and easy way to add texture and layers to a design.  For this 6″ x 6″ card, I combined Little Birdie chipboard, Burlap Panel, Burlap Ribbon, Paints, Tags, Color Splash spray, adorable Embellishments and lovely Handmade Flowers to create a bright, happy card with loads of texture and dimension.

Butterfly Birthday Mixed Media Card True Love Story by Kathy Clement Prodcut by Little Birdie Crafts Photo 02

This cutaway card front design brings the inside of the card to the forefront.  And the cute patterns from A True Love Story Paper collection look fantastic with the wonderful patterns found in the Texture Brew Paper Pack.

Butterfly Birthday Mixed Media Card True Love Story by Kathy Clement Prodcut by Little Birdie Crafts Photo 03


With this fun tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a quick and easy gift card pocket inside the card base.

Butterfly Birthday Mixed Media Card True Love Story by Kathy Clement Prodcut by Little Birdie Crafts Photo 04

And we’ll design this adorable gift card wallet to tuck inside the pocket, too.

You can simply add a gift card here, or do as I did and tuck in a tea bag, mini chocolate and a honey stick to go with the tea.  Either way, your card has just become the gift!

I’ve prepared a complete video tutorial for you so that you can create your own version of this celebration card.  We’ll work together to create each element and by the time the video is done, you’ll be on your way towards creating your very own mixed media masterpiece.

I hope I’ve shared some tips and tricks that you can use in your own paper crafting.  Thanks for joining me!  I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!